1.    This exercise is about reviewing Part 1 of the HIIC course. The purpose of the review is to:

  • find out the difference that the course has made to participants and tutors (evaluate the outcomes and impacts of the course).
  • to demonstrate the underlying methods and approaches (processes) that led to the outcomes and impacts.

2. How you approach this is optional.

Either hold a general discussion


Use either the “Time Line” or “H diagram” methods.

Remember, having completed the general exercise, give out Handout A for students to complete individually. The evaluations should be forwarded to CHEX.


THE ASSIGNMENT (60 minutes)

Give out Handout B and go through what is expected for this piece of writing. People sometimes feel overwhelmed when they have to write an essay or something ‘big’. They might feel that there is only one ‘right’ way to do this and that they do not have that knowledge or are ‘good’ at writing. They might also forget what they have done and the notes they have in their folders.  It can seem like a completely separate exercise than what they have been doing in the other sessions. As a tutor, it will be helpful to remind people that this piece of writing, here in the session, will not be assessed.  What is important is that they tackle it, to practice bigger pieces of writing.

1.    There is no ‘right’ way. Tell the group that their writing so far has been fine and very interesting. They do have the skills to do this. What is wanted is more of the same - nothing new!

2.    They have already been making notes about some of these issues and they can use these notes or copy bits they have already written. They can also use some of the information in their handouts.  If they find something they want to copy because it seems appropriate, that is fine as long as they acknowledge their source - ‘As so and so said’.  However, what is more important is their own views.

3.    Encourage the group to use the ‘Cheese Grater’ approach to the stages in writing an essay. You could do this as a small exercise or just talk it through with the group.

Here are the 7 stages in “grating the cheese” What order do you think they should be in?

Hand in essay.

Work out a rough plan. Make sure you understand. Make notes.

Look at your session notes and handouts.

Read through to check for mistakes.

First attempt at writing it all out.

1,000 words will seem like a lot for some people so they might find it easier to break their writing down into smaller, more manageable pieces, rather than attempting to deal with the whole thing.

Suggest that people often find they want to write more than this!

Allow about 30 minutes for people to begin to make some notes for this piece of writing. Using these headings will help:

  • What I feel about this topic, or my experience of it?
  • Why it affects people’s health and the health of my community?
  • How my community could be involved in tackling it?

Remind people of key topics covered in Part 1 including a social model of health, health inequalities, power & participation, and community development.

Set an agreed return date for the assignment.



Discuss the dates and days for Part 2 of the course.

And last but not least!

Celebrate the achievements of the group and how hard everyone has worked. Have lunch together or a bit of a party!