1. Presentations (10 – 20 minutes per presentation)

2. Reflection, whole group (1 hour)

How you organise the overall format of this unit will depend on the number and size of the groups carrying out the research.

There are no exercises for this unit rather it’s about ensuring that the groups are in a position to make a presentation on their research and have time to reflect on it.

As a guide we would suggest that presentations should last between 10 – 20 minutes and that around an hour should be left for reflection and discussion by the group as a whole.

It is up to you and the group to decide whether or not you have an invited audience. If you are going to do this it might be necessary, given the timing of actually carrying out the research, for you as the tutor to take on some of the responsibility for organising the event and getting invitations out to people.

A checklist for the presentation is attached but this is for guidance only. However part of the accreditation process requires Tutors to complete an assessment of each individual’s contribution to the community research and their contribution to the presentation. A copy of the pro forma for this is attached as appendix 1.This should be forwarded to CHEX with other documentation for assessment.


1.    Presentation time 10 – 20 minutes

2.    All members of a group should have an active part in making the presentation

3.    Presentations should use at least two methods of delivery i.e. overheads, handouts, drama, video etc.

4.    As a potential framework presentations should include

  •  Why the particular research question was chosen
  • How the community was identified
  • What research methods were chosen for use and why
  • What barriers / problems were encountered in carrying out the research and how  these were overcome
  • What the research findings were
  • How could the evidence be used to achieve change